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Advisory for Students: Changes to IT Services Access After Graduation

  • Before you head off on your next adventure, we wanted to share some information about your access to IT services after you leave the University of Miami.

Advisory for Faculty: Changes to IT Services Access After Separation or Retirement

  • If your primary role at the University is separated or retired faculty, please review information about access to IT services after you leave the University of Miami.

Microsoft Ending Internet Explorer Support on June 15, 2022

  • As you may know, Microsoft has announced that support for the Internet Explorer browser is ending on June 15, 2022. If you access Internet Explorer after June 15, you may be automatically redirected to the Microsoft Edge browser.

UMIT is Currently Offering Limited Support for Windows 11 Until Compatibility Testing is Complete

  • UMIT is currently testing compatibility of the new Windows 11 operating system with University applications. Until testing is complete in February 2022, we will be offering limited support for devices with Windows 11.

In Progress: New Login Experience for All UM Apps and Services

  • As you may know, UMIT is in the process of rolling-out a consistent, UM-branded login page for all UM applications and services in the coming months.

How to Keep Windows Devices Updated while Learning, Teaching, and Working Remotely

  • In an effort to keep our online environment secure, University of Miami Information Technology (UMIT) deploys new security updates and patches for University-managed Windows devices on a monthly basis*. These updates are automatically installed while on a University campus, so you may be missing out on vital updates if you're currently at a remote location.

Now Available: Live Transcription (Live Closed Captioning) in Zoom and Teams

  • The University of Miami has enabled a live transcription option—a feature that provides real-time automatic speech recognition (ASR) captions and transcripts—for Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings and webinars.

Advisory for Mac Users: Install the Zoom Outlook Add-in on Your Mac Computer

Computer Lifecycle Management Program Is the Answer for Aging Computers

  • Through the University's CLMP program, full-time faculty or staff based at the Coral Gables or Rosenstiel campuses are eligible to renew computers that are older than four years old.

Introducing MyUPrint: The Web-Based Version of UPrint!

  • MyUPrint is the new, web-based version of UPrint, which allows students to view their UPrint balance, upload documents to print, and view a history of past print jobs. Plus, with MyUPrint, you can print on campus without having to download the UPrint drivers on your computer!

Listserv Upgraded to Version 17.0 to Include Great New Features!

  • Listserv, the University's email management software, was upgraded to version 17.0 in November 2019. Now, you'll notice several noteworthy changes within Listserv, including a brand new web inteface and HTML newsletter builder.

LinkedIn Learning Courses Now Available in ULearn!

  • Human Resources (HR), in partnership with UMIT, has to integrated the new LinkedIn Learning library into ULearn, the University's Learning Management System (LMS), to enable you to easily manage course registration, tracking, and reporting. Upgraded to LinkedIn Learning

  • We are excited to announce that Microsoft upgraded, UM's learning and development platform,, to LinkedIn Learning.

New Citrix Interface ( – Gables)

  • Please be advised that the Citrix landing page ( – Gables) now displays a new interface. You'll notice that the folder view on the landing page is no longer visible, and all icons will be immediately accessible on the landing page.

Java License Changes: Open-Source Versions Available for Use

  • Oracle announced that Java—one of the most popular programming languages in the world—is no longer be available for commercial use without a license.

Duo Mobile Support for iOS 10 and Android 6 has Ended

  • Duo no longer supports the Duo Mobile application for iOS 10 and Android 6. This end of support milestone is not an end of life for the Duo application on devices with these operating systems; push and app-generated passcode authentications will continue to function on installed apps. 

Microsoft's Windows 7 No Longer Supported

  • As of January 2020, Windows 7 machines no longer receive Microsoft patches to ensure that they are properly secured, which can result in hackers taking over your machine or compromising your personal information.

All Mainframe Accounts Deactivated

  • As part of the University of Miami's committment to close down mainframe applications that ERP applications replaced, access to legacy mainframe services was deactivated.

New Process for Governance Requests

  • UMIT implemented a new governance request process in September 2017. The new process streamlines requests for service (RFS) into an easy-to-use online form via UService (ServiceNow).

UMIT: Give to United Way

  • Did you know that every unrestricted dollar you give to the United Way is worth $2.16 of help to the community? Take a quick look at how far your contribution can really go.

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