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Duo Mobile Support for iOS 10 and Android 6 has Ended

As you may know, Duo has decided to end support for the Duo Mobile application for iOS 10 and Android 6 effective July 28, 2019. This end of support milestone is not an end of life for the Duo application on devices with these operating systems; push and app-generated passcode authentications will continue to function on installed apps.

Duo encourage users to upgrade to the latest operating system (OS) versions to ensure devices are not vulnerable to security issues and to provide your users with the best Duo Mobile experience.

As SMS-delivered passcodes and phone callback authentication do not rely on the Duo Mobile app, Duo will continue to support these types of authentication for older devices with or without the app. The end of support milestone means that, as of July 28, 2019, Duo's development and technical support engineering teams are no longer able to help troubleshoot issues with the application on iOS 10 or Android 6.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk at: 305-284-6565 or

Thank you.