Network and Voice

Network and Voice

View our product offerings for phones, utilize videoconferencing, connect to the network, and more.

Automated Attendant
A menu of options with a recorded message that automatically reroutes your calls
Automatic Call Distribution


Distributes incoming calls to a central number in a predetermined pattern to your office staff
Bulletin Board
Provides an efficient means of repeatedly providing your callers with lengthy and/or detailed information

AKAs: CaneNet Wireless, CaneNet Wired, Residential Student Wired Network, Student Wireless

The University's student network available in the Residential Colleges and the University Village

AKAs: Wireless Connection

Wireless network access for UM guests
Computer Support - Faculty and Staff

AKAs: Central Server Services, Computer Support - Faculty & Staff

Provides wide ranging office technology and support in a networked environment
Dialing Instructions
Dialing instructions for on-campus, off campus, long distance, and international calls
World-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community
Inbound 800 Toll-Free Service

AKAs: Toll Free inbound 800

Domestic Inbound toll-free service so incoming callers do not have to pay long-distance charges

AKAs: Cisco Jabber

An application that delivers University desk phone calls directly to your mobile phone

AKAs: Secure Wireless Network

SecureCanes is a wireless network with enhanced security features
Telecommunications Training

AKAs: Telephone Training, VoIP Training

Voice Telephone and Network training instructions in both audio and video formats are available
Telecommunications Trouble Reporting
Report trouble and repairs for your voice and network services
Telecommunications Wiring

AKAs: Data Connections, Telephone Wiring

Supporting all aspects of telecommunication wiring for both voice and data
Telephone Services Request

AKAs: Network Services Request

A Telecommunications Service Service Requisition (TSR) is necessary for all telephone service requests

AKAs: Network Services Request

Cable TV is provided to each residential college room and on-campus apartment
Unified Contact Center Enterprise VOIP

AKAs: Contact Center VoIP, UCCE

A VoIP sophisticated automatic call center
Virtual Private Network

AKAs: VPN, Pulse, Pulse Secure

Provides a web-enabled portal for creating an SSL-based virtual private network (VPN) connection
Voice and Network Orders

AKAs: Orders, Voice and Network

A Telecommunications Service Service Requisition (TSR) is necessary for all voice and data orders
Voice Teleconferencing Service

AKAs: Teleconferencing Service

Voice teleconferencing services for three or more locations
Voicemail Service

AKAs: Voicemail, AVST

Telephone automatic voice messaging service
Wireless Networks

AKAs: Wireless Connection

The University of Miami has several wireless networks available for your wireless needs