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Zoom Workplace: Zoom's Latest Collaboration Platform

  • In April 2024, Zoom announced Zoom Workplace. If you're familiar with the Zoom desktop application, you will notice the new Zoom Workplace name throughout the app, as well as many new enhancements that are now available.

Zoom Profanity Filter

  • Starting April 2024, Zoom will be enabling the profanity filter within the University of Miami Zoom tenant. The profanity filter prevents inappropriate words from being displayed by Zoom's automated captions. No action is required on your part to enable this feature.

Changes to Zoom In-Meeting Chat Settings

  • Starting February 25, 2024, Zoom will be making their new in-meeting chat experience standard across all Zoom Meetings to allow Zoom users to enjoy the latest features. This will align in-meeting chat more closely with the feature functionality that users enjoy in Zoom team chat today. 

Experience Copilot: Our AI-Powered, Data Protected Chat for Work

  • With Copilot, you get cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) chat that enables you to ask complex questions and receive responses based on information from the web, all powered by GPT-4 and DALL-E. This is the same tool introduced in September 2023 to our UM community, Bing Chat Enterprise; Microsoft recently announced that they renamed it to "Copilot."

Adobe Creative Cloud Deleted File Retention Period

  • In order to optimize cloud storage capacity, Adobe is implementing a new process for deleted files in Creative Cloud storage. Starting June 4, 2023, newly deleted files will be retained for 30 days and then permanently removed. Deleted files stored for over 30 days in the Deleted folder prior to this date will also be permanently removed.

Zoom Software Quarterly Lifecycle Policy

  • On a quarterly basis, Zoom will require everyone to use a recently updated Zoom client to continue hosting and participating in Zoom meetings. This change is being implemented to improve security, stability, and support. Those running unsupported Zoom clients will be prompted to update Zoom or join meetings from the web browser.

Known Issue with Outlook Zoom Meetings Invalid Links

  • Zoom has identified an issue within recurring meetings created in Outlook calendar. (Please note that non-recurring meetings are not affected by this issue.) In some cases, recurring meetings are not recognized by Zoom as recurring, therefore the Zoom link created is invalid.

Zoom 5.0

  • Zoom recently released Zoom 5.0, setting a new standard in video communications security. As of May 30, 2020, all Zoom desktop applications running older versions will be required to upgrade to Zoom 5.0, as new encryption will be fully enabled across the Zoom platform (you will not be able to use the Zoom app after May 30 until you've updated to 5.0)

Zoom Meetings Now Require Passcodes or Waiting Room

  • As of September 27, if you do not have a passcode on an existing Zoom meeting, a waiting room will be enabled by default. Now, newly created Zoom meetings will require either a passcode or a waiting room.

Zoom Video Conferencing is Here!

  • We are happy to announce that the University of Miami has signed an academic enterprise agreement with Zoom for video and audio conferencing. Zoom was selected to augment the University's current video conferencing tools for its consistency across devices, integrations, simplicity, and flexibility

Create and Distribute Surveys with Qualtrics – Available at No Cost to You!

  • University of Miami faculty, staff, and students have access to Qualtrics, the University's web-based survey tool, at no additional cost! With Qualtrics, you can create a range of surveys: from simple questionnaires to inquiries for detailed research projects.

Create an Inclusive Feedback Experience: Digital Annotation Tools

  • Digital Annotation Tools enable faculty to review electronic student submissions, directly provide personalized and detailed feedback on the assignment, and support a paperless classroom—ultimately, inviting students to have an active role within the feedback process.

Cloud Storage Solutions Comparison Chart

University of Miami Becomes Florida's First Adobe Creative Campus

  • The University of Miami (UM) provides the full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) software to all faculty, staff, and students at no cost, making UM the first Florida Adobe Creative Campus.