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Zoom Workplace: Zoom's Latest Collaboration Platform

April 2024

Zoom recently announced Zoom Workplace*—the latest version of Zoom's desktop application. With the introduction of Zoom Workplace, Zoom is unveiling a refreshed user experience with more choices, including the ability to choose from four color themes within the Zoom app, so you can make the Zoom app your own. Hosts also have the opportunity to add customized virtual meeting backgrounds to tailor the feel or focus of the meeting.

To experience the new Zoom Workplace platform, download the latest version of Zoom at:

Reimagine Teamwork with Zoom Workplace

The new Zoom Workplace has a refreshed Meetings user experience, including a multi-speaker view:

Workplace 3

If you're familiar with the Zoom desktop application, you will notice the new Zoom Workplace name throughout the app, as well as many new enhancements that are now available:

  • Simplified navigation: Zoom has simplified the navigation bar at the top to make it easier for you to organize and find the tabs you use most often. You can drag and drop tabs into the order you prefer.

  • Combined meetings and calendar view: If you want a more connected view between your calendar and meetings, you can combine them into one tab with a traditional calendar and a new agenda view. Go to your online account settings to enable this.

  • New color themes: You can choose from new color themes to suit your mood or opt for Zoom's classic dark or light themes (in your desktop app settings).

  • Customizable meeting toolbar: In meetings, you'll see a simplified toolbar where you can share your screen and documents and find host tools. You can customize the toolbar by dragging and dropping items (including from the "More" menu) into place.

  • Multi-speaker view: Also in meetings, you have the option to turn on a new multi-speaker view, which highlights people who are actively speaking in the meeting. Go to "Views" in the top right corner of the meeting window to activate it in meetings with more than five participants.

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*Not all Zoom Workplace features, such as AI Companion, are available within our organization's tenant.