Accounts and Security

Accounts and Security

Reset your CaneID password, connect to the network, obtain account information/access, and more. (Quick link: CaneID Self-Service)

Administrative Systems - Mainframe


These are the central administrative systems on the University's mainframe
Backup Services - Enterprise

AKAs: Tivoli Storage Manager, Quest vRanger, Microsoft Systems Center DPM, Azure Cloud Backups

Online data restoration

AKAs: Identity Management

University of Miami authentication ID and password (aka Single-Sign On)
Directory Services

AKAs: Active Directory, AD, Kerberos, LDAP, NTLM

Single token for authentication and authorization
Multi-Factor Authentication

AKAs: MFA, Duo, Two-Factor Authentication, 2FA

Adds a step to the login process and requires you to prove your identity after entering a CaneID and password
Onity Door Lock System
Electronic access management system
Single Sign-On


Web-based sign-on system that allows you to log in to UM applications only once per session