Learn what is available to promote your organization and services via the web.

Provides course websites for UM courses
Calendaring- 'Canes Calendar

AKAs: 25Live

Request a calendar listing to promote onto the University's web calendar, mobile app or e-Veritas
Content Management System - Cascade

AKAs: CMS, Cascade

System for creating UM websites
Content Management System - EE

AKAs: EE, Expression Engine

System for creating UM websites (legacy)
Content Management System - Vignette

AKAs: V6, Vignette

System for creating UM websites (legacy)
Information Technology Training
Enhance personal productivity with the latest technology
Create, upload, and publish a wide variety of digital video files
Online Directory System

AKAs: People Search

Find people or departments
Secure File Transfer

AKAs: SecureSend

Secure File Transfer Service
Web Analytics
Obtain metrics on your website
Web Content Search

AKAs: Google Search Appliance, GSA

Search the University's main website as well as the schools and colleges sites
Web Design and Development
Assists UM customers to establish a comprehensive web presence through technical innovation, service, and support
Web Digital Asset Management
Manage your website files online
Web Forms Management
Forms for use with your websites
Web Hosting

AKAs: FTP Site

FTP Hosting
Web Redirector
Allows the creation of a shortened, or friendly, URLs
Web Support

AKAs: Web Training

Get help with your website