Customer Service and Support

Customer Service

Get support for all of your IT issues, request services, and more.

Administrative Systems - Mainframe


The central administrative systems on the University's mainframe
Archival Data Request Service
Provides access to archival data previously hosted in the mainframe, upon request
Automated Attendant
A menu of options with a recorded message that automatically reroutes your calls
Automatic Call Distribution
Distributes incoming calls to a central number in a predetermined pattern to your office staff
Bulletin Board
Provides an efficient means of repeatedly providing your callers with lengthy and/or detailed information

AKAs: Identity Management

University of Miami authentication ID and password (aka Single-Sign On)
Computer Lab Management
A customized computer lab management service for University departments
Computer Repairs
Repairs for Dell computers with warranty
Computer Support - Students

AKAs: STHD, Student Technology Help Desk

Provides wide ranging office technology and support in a networked environment for students
Data Warehouse - Administrative Reporting

AKAs: Business Intelligence, Reports

Reporting software for selected administrative systems
Dell Warranty Repairs
Troubleshooting and/or repair of Dell systems currently under warranty
Desktop Support Services - Faculty and Staff

AKAs: Central Server Services, Computer Support - Faculty & Staff

Provides wide ranging office technology and support in a networked environment for faculty and staff
Electronic Mailing Lists

AKAs: Electronic Mailing Lists

Distribute email to a group of subscribers
Inbound 800 Toll-Free Service

AKAs: Toll Free inbound 800

Domestic Inbound toll-free service so incoming callers do not have to pay long-distance charges
Information Technology Training
Enhance personal productivity with the latest technology
Media Production
On-campus professional print production
A self-service portal for students, faculty, and staff functionality.
Off-Campus Housing Search
Web-based search of available off-campus housing options.
Peer-to-Peer Detection and Removal
This service provides help in the detection and removal of these types of software
Procurement - Hardware

AKAs: Apple, Computer Purchases, Dell, Hardware Purchases, Mac

Provides assistance to University departments with UM standards based computer system purchases
Procurement - Software

AKAs: Software

Obtain software at educational pricing and/or at no cost
Report Distribution System


Quick and easy access to University generated reports
Software and OS Installation
Installation of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Microsoft Office suites
Telecommunications Training

AKAs: Telephone Training, VoIP Training

Voice Telephone and Network training instructions in both audio and video formats are available
Telecommunications Trouble Reporting
Report trouble and repairs for your voice and/or network services
Telephone Services Request

AKAs: Network Services Request

Order voice and data services charged to your UM account number
Unified Contact Center Enterprise VOIP

AKAs: Contact Center VoIP, UCCE

A VoIP sophisticated automatic call center.

AKAs: ServiceNow ITSM Enterprise Solution

Information Technology Service Management Application
Virus Spyware Scanning and Removal

AKAs: Advanced Threat Protection, Endpoint Security, Microsoft Security, Defender ATP, Virus/Spyware Scanning, Anti-Virus

Scanning and removal of viruses and spyware from computers to improve the computer's performance
Voice and Network Orders

AKAs: Orders, Voice and Network

A Telecommunications Service Service Requisition (TSR) is necessary for all voice and data orders
Voice Teleconferencing Service

AKAs: Teleconferencing Service

Voice teleconferencing services for three or more locations
Voicemail Service

AKAs: Voicemail, AVST

Telephone automatic voice messaging service
Web Support

AKAs: Web Training

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