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Wireless & Wired Networks

UMIT's WiFi Tune-Up Stations

  • At UMIT's WiFi Tune-Up Stations, you can have your wireless device(s) updated for optimal performance and report any troubles you may be having with wireless connectivity!

UM Network Update: 802.1x Authentication

  • UMIT is implementing a new authentication method (802.1x) for wired devices in a phased-approach (a wired device is an electronic device that connects to the Internet through a physical connection). This security enhancement will help validate and ensure authorized access to our UM network.

UHealth Wireless Network Modified

  • As part of the University of Miami’s effort to improve wireless connectivity, the UHealth wireless network at the Medical campus was restricted to those with an account on the Medical domain.

SecureCanes Wireless Network Update

  • As part of the University of Miami’s initiative to improve wireless connectivity, UMIT updated the 802.1x certificate for the SecureCanes wireless network (across all campuses).