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UMIT is Currently Offering Limited Support for Windows 11 Until Compatibility Testing is Complete

UM community encouraged to wait to upgrade until testing is complete.

The University of Miami Information Technology (UMIT) team is currently testing compatibility of the new Windows 11 operating system with University applications. Until testing is complete in March 2022, we will be offering limited support for devices with Windows 11. Once testing is complete, we will notify you and begin providing full support.

You are encouraged not to upgrade to Windows 11 until testing is complete, but if you would like to upgrade before then, please keep in mind that UM applications might not yet be fully functional with the new operating system and we won't be able to provide full support until we've completed testing.

If you have any questions, please contact the UMIT Service Desk at: (305) 284-6565 or

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to test Windows 11 to validate my applications. What is the process for obtaining a copy of the operating system?

  • Please contact the UMIT Service Desk. UMIT will need your contact information and the application(s) you wish to test. We also ask that you reach out to the software manufacturer or vendor of the application in question to confirm the application is supported on Windows 11. You will need a computer that meets Microsoft's hardware requirements for Windows 11. You should only install Windows 11 on test computers in order to avoid a loss of productivity and/or data due to incompatibility issues. UMIT will then schedule someone to reset your device and configure it with Windows 11.

I've already upgraded to Windows 11 and I'm having problems. How can IT help?

  • Please contact the UMIT Service Desk to coordinate a visit from a technician to downgrade your device.