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Yahoo Mail App May Have Inadvertently Deleted Messages from Synced Accounts - October 2023

Yahoo recently announced they identified an issue that may have caused synced emails to appear deleted in Yahoo Mail app inboxes, starting on October 25, 2023. These messages appear to have been deleted internally, and the syncing process then caused emails in Office 365 or Exchange Online email accounts to also be deleted.

Yahoo has acknowledged this issue, and they are working to update the Yahoo Mail app to prevent future occurrences. While Yahoo's work continues, they have disabled Exchange Online sync. As Yahoo shares more information, we will keep this notice up to date.

If you use the Yahoo mail app to sync your email account(s), we recommend you review your inbox accordingly. At this time, missing/deleted emails may be found using the "Recover items deleted from this folder" option, within the Deleted Items folder:

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