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Updates: November 2017

Coming Soon: Office 365 App Launcher

November 7, 2017 - The new Office 365 app launcher is a personalized and simple way to help you open and switch between the apps you use most. Check out the video below for more information:

How does this affect me?

The apps you see in the new app launcher are still based on the licenses assigned to the University of Miami; however, the redesigned main view now emphasizes the most used applications across Office 365. It also highlights additional apps relevant to you. For example, teachers and students may see education-specific apps. This rollout is expected to complete early 2018.

With the new app launcher, your main view will include a default set of apps. After the first time you see the new launcher, apps in the main view will stay the same – unless you choose to customize your apps or an administrator adds/removes licenses. If you have difficulty finding an app, click "All apps" and search through the alphabetized list of apps available.

How To Personalize The Office 365 App Launcher

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