Student Support Services
UMIT Student Support Services

The Student Support Services group supports the Residence Halls computer labs, Richter Library, Weeks Music Library, and Architecture Library computers.

Our Student Technology Help Desk provides FREE technical support to students with laptops, desktops, smart mobile devices, and game console issues.

The Main office is located in the Ungar building Room 145. You can reach us by phone (305) 284-3565
Serving Residential Halls Computer Labs

In addition to the computers labs in the four Residence Halls (Eaton, Hecht, Mahoney, and Stanford) we also maintain the computers in the Richter, Weeks Music, and Architecture Libraries.

Our computers are state of the art systems designed to provide students with access to common software such as Microsoft Office, Internet browsers, etc., and specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop Suite, SPSS, Matlab, Maple, and many more!

For a side-by-side comparison of the software offered at our labs please click HERE.
Computer Lab Locations

Computer labs are located in all four of the Residential Colleges.

Eaton Residencial College: (305) 284-5095

Hecht Residential College: (305) 284-4209

Mahoney Residential College: (305) 284-6640

Stanford Residential College: (305) 284-6341

For more information regarding our Computer Labs click HERE
Student Technology Help Desk

The Student Technology Help Desk is a FREE computer center for students. We provide a multitude of services including:

- Campus Internet Configuration
- Virus and Spyware Removal
- System Restorations
- Software Installations and Upgrades
- Support for Desktops, Laptops, Smart Mobile Devices, and Game Consoles.

For a full listing of services provided please click HERE
Student Technology Help Desk

The University of Miami offers Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and McAfee Antivirus for FREE. At the Student Technology Help Desk we can assist students with the installation of these programs at NO COST.

We also provide assistance with:

- Apple Boot Camp
- UPrint Driver Installation
- Data Recovery
- Data Transfer
- And Much More...

For any questions please call us (305) 284-8887 or e-mail us
Do It Yourself - How To's

The Student Technology Help Desk offers FREE assistance to students experiencing technical difficulties. For the "Tech Savvy" the STHD also offers a series of "DIY/How To" manuals:

- Obtain a Windows 7 Activation Key
- Activate Windows 7
- Install Microsoft Office for Windows
- Install Microsoft Office for Macs
- Install UPrint drivers for Windows
- Install UPrint drivers for Macs

If you experience any issues please feel free to call us (305) 284-8887.
Residential Halls Computer Lab Hours
8:45am - 2:15am
9:00am - 2:00am
8:30am - 2:30am
9:15am - 1:45am
Student Technology Help Desk Hours
Coral Gables:
9:00am - 5:00pm
Medical Campus:
9:00am - 5:00pm
(305) 284-5095
(305) 284-4209
(305) 284-6640
(305) 284-6341
Gables: (305) 284-8887

Medical: (305) 243-8543