Integrated Solutions

The Integrated Solutions team manages the identity lifecycle, email communication, ETL (extract, transform, load) integrations, the data warehouse, collaboration, 2nd/3rd tier support for enterprise cloud services, databases, and applications such as the Adobe Suite, and Microsoft Office.

Beyond support and communications, Integrated Solutions offers product and service consultations assisting University members with choosing the right product/service to meet their needs and how to extract maximum value from the product and services they use. Integrated Solutions maintains documentation, service catalog entries and news site articles for all its supported products and services.

Decision Support Services

  • Partnering with business owners, data custodians, and users, the Decision Support Services (DSS) team supports the business intelligence function of the institution. They manage the data warehouse environment and deliver accurate and reliable data analytics and reporting.

Identity Management and Middleware Services

  • The Identity Management and Middleware Services team establishes and governs the authentication, authorization, and security framework for enterprise applications. They also control and manage the lifecycle of the identities of faculty, staff, and students—ensuring secure access to digital solutions.

Database Administration

  • The Database Administration team provides support for the design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring of databases and database servers hosted on premises and in the cloud. This unit is responsible for providing: database installation, patching, upgrading, and maintenance; database tuning and performance monitoring; database troubleshooting; database security maintenance; change control; and SSL certificate management.

Power Platform Development

  • The Power Platform team helps power platform power users by providing support and proof of concept solutions highlighting the capabilities of the power platform.

System and Data Integrations

  • The System and Data Integrations team provides secure data extraction, translation, or transfer by combining data from multiple sources into a single, consistent data source to target systems (e.g., University systems and vendors). This team also manages the University's enterprise integration platforms (Boomi and Workday). The Integrated Solutions Administrators provide O365 and cloud backend admin support for environments offered by UMIT to the University users, such as email, SharePoint, PowerBI, Teams, distribution lists, privacy and protection, and data integration.

Tier 2 Support and Collaboration

  • The Tier 2 Support and Collaboration team supports, troubleshoots, consults and documents Office365 and other cloud services. They are the primary escalation point for the tier 1 help desk. They maintain online news articles, service catalog entries, and new features articles on the UMIT website related to the products they support.