AI Generated Image Creation in Copilot, Powered by DALL-E!


We're excited to announce the integration of DALL-E into Copilot*, enhancing its capabilities with advanced image generation. This integration empowers Copilot users to create custom visuals on-the-fly, streamlining content creation for academic and administrative purposes.

*To simplify the experience and make Copilot more accessible to everyone, Bing Chat Enterprise has become Copilot.

What is DALL-E?

DALL-E is an advanced AI model developed by OpenAI, designed for generating images from textual descriptions. The latest version of DALL-E stands out for its ability to create detailed and contextually relevant images based on written prompts.

DALL-E stands at the forefront of image generation technology. It can interpret and visualize a wide range of concepts, styles, and scenarios described in text—making it a powerful tool for creative and illustrative purposes. It can also create detailed and contextually relevant images from textual descriptions, opening new avenues for visual creativity.

For more detailed information and the latest updates about DALL-E, visit OpenAI's official website at OpenAI DALL-E.

How to Use Copilot with DALL-E

To access this feature, log in to Copilot and type your image generation request directly into the chat using simple text prompts:


University of Miami faculty and staff can access Copilot by visiting copilot.microsoft.com and/or via the Microsoft Edge for Business sidebar. Ensure you are logged in to the Internet browser* with your UM email (e.g., sign in first to email.miami.edu with your CaneID email and password, and then navigate to copilot.microsoft.com).

*Note: To access Copilot, the preferred Internet browser is Microsoft Edge. While Copilot may function on other browsers, use of Microsoft Edge enables a full range of Microsoft's AI-related features.

Use Cases for University Faculty, Staff, and Administrators


Academic Research and Presentations

Faculty can leverage DALL-E for creating engaging visuals to explain complex concepts in research papers and presentations.

Marketing and Communications

Staff involved in marketing can generate unique, tailor-made images for websites, brochures, and social media, enhancing our University's digital presence.

Administrative Documentation

Administrators can utilize this technology to add impactful visuals to reports and proposals, making them more compelling.

Teaching and Learning Tools

Instructors can create custom images to aid in teaching, making abstract or complex subjects more accessible to students.

Example Prompts and Outputs

Example Prompts

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  • Historical Reenactment for Education

    Create an image of an ancient Greek agora bustling with activity, featuring philosophers in discussion, merchants selling goods, and citizens engaging in daily life, all set against the backdrop of classical architecture.

  • Science Concept Visualization

    Generate an image illustrating the concept of a black hole in space, showing how its gravitational pull affects nearby stars and galaxies, with a vibrant depiction of the event horizon and accretion disk.

  • Campus Event Promotion

    Design a festive image for the annual university spring fair, showcasing a colorful campus scene with students participating in various activities like outdoor games, art stalls, and food booths, under a banner reading "Spring Fair 2024."

  • Sustainability in Education

    Produce an image depicting a modern, sustainable university campus, complete with solar panels, green rooftops, students using bicycles, and an eco-friendly transportation hub.

  • Technology in Sports

    Create an image of a futuristic university sports training facility, featuring athletes using advanced VR equipment for training, with a clear display of interactive performance analytics in the background.

Output Samples


Futuristic Classroom

Illustrates a high-tech classroom environment, showcasing students engaged in a virtual reality lesson. It's an example of how DALL-E can generate visuals for innovative educational concepts.

Modern University Sports Facility
A technologically advanced sports facility, emphasizing the use of AI and technology in athletics. It can be used to illustrate the potential of generative AI in enhancing sports training and performance analysis.
Futuristic Healthcare and Medical University Laboratory
A creative image representing the concept of blending healthcare and technology for a university setting.

Technical Support

For support, please contact the IT Service Desk – Coral Gables/Marine: 305-284-6565 or help@miami.edu; UHealth/MSOM: 305-243-5999 or help@med.miami.edu.