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Steps to Take Before Your Account is Moved

Depending on how you access and organize your email and calendar now, you may need to take a few steps before your account is moved to Office 365. You will be notified by email 1 week before your account is scheduled to move, and you will also receive a few reminders.

These steps can be done at any time before your account is moved. Your account will still work with UM's current email and calendar system after you take these steps.

Step 1: Identify and take care of your very large messages/attachments

If you have messages with attachments larger than 25 MB, and you have not yet decided whether to save or delete those messages, take these steps to manage your very large messages.

Step 2: Review your Deleted Items folder

Items in the "Deleted Items" folder will only be retained for 30 days following the migration. The 30-day retention policy only applies to the “Deleted Items” folder. Items in other folders that are older than 30 days will remain. If you wish to retain those deleted items, we recommend you move them to a different folder prior to the migration.

Step 3: Review and print the 'Office 365 Post-Migration Steps' document

Take a few moments to review our Office 365 Post-Migration Steps document. We recommend you print it out so you have it on hand the day after your migration.

Step 4: On the day your account is due to be migrated, shut down your computer

Please make sure to shut down your computer before you leave work the day of your migration.

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