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Differences with Office 365

In almost all ways, your email and calendaring activities in Office 365 will be the same as they are with UM's locally hosted (on-premises) Exchange service.

To get help using Office 365, or to report problems, you'll still be working with your department's IT or computer support staff, or contacting UMIT's Service Desk.

Some differences you'll see once your account is in Office 365:

  • Larger mailbox: 50 GB instead of 7 GB.
  • Deleted Items folder: Messages remain in your Deleted Items folder for 30 days and are then automatically deleted.
    (Explanation: When you click Delete on a message, or when you respond to a calendar invitation, it is automatically placed in your Deleted Items folder. Thirty days later, the message will be removed from your Deleted Items folder. If you're likely to want the message longer than 30 days, you should keep it in your Inbox or another folder instead of clicking Delete.)
  • Ability to send large amounts of mail
  • Server management: Provided by Microsoft as a cloud-based service, instead of by UMIT (i.e., server upgrades, patching, what server your email account resides on).
  • Application management: Provided by UMIT (i.e., account provisioning, permissions, and decommissioning).
  • New URL for Outlook Web App: http://email.miami.edu (user name is your CaneID@miami.edu)

Some temporary limitations you'll see until all UM accounts have been moved to Office 365:

  • If you view people's free/busy time or have shared calendars:
    • You'll be able to see anyone's free/busy availability when you schedule meetings, whether their accounts have been moved or not. In addition, in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2011, you'll be able to view shared calendars, whether the person's account has been moved or not. With Outlook Web App, you'll only be able to view shared calendars if the person's account has been moved.
  • If you manage other people's calendars:
    • You'll only be able to manage the calendars of people whose accounts have also been moved to Office 365. You'll still be able to see anyone's free/busy availability when you schedule meetings, whether their accounts have been moved or not.
  • If you are a delegate or have delegates:
    • UMIT's process will move accounts that currently have delegate relationships with you, so that those accounts are moved at the same time as yours. You won't be able to establish new delegate relationships with any colleagues whose accounts have not yet been moved.