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A Message About the Mainframe Decommissioning Project

In 2011, the University of Miami made a commitment to replace legacy systems with new, comprehensive, cloud-based applications, including a student information system (CaneLink in 2013), and a human capital management and finance system (Workday HR and Payroll in 2015, and Workday Finance in 2017). Access to the legacy mainframe system will be deactivated on Saturday, March 30, 2019. Any delay in decommissioning means additional costs must be invested in archival technology – rather than innovative future technology. An expedited and smooth decommissioning process requires the cooperation of everyone at the University.

UMIT will save all the appropriate mainframe data as determined by central offices. This data is classified as archival data:

  • Static (never changes)
  • Access frequency declines rapidly over time
  • Retention rules govern length of time data is saved
  • Legacy rules for accessing data no longer authoritative
  • Archival data access will be authorized by central offices and/or data custodian

Central offices and/or data custodians are responsible to identify useful formats for accessing archival data (i.e. purchase orders, student transcripts, payroll registers, etc.). Central office and/or data custodians must approve individual user access to archival data.

Consistent with their retention period, all production reports in the Report Distribution System (RDS) will be migrated to and be accessible using OnBase, the University’s current Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. A significant amount of reporting has already been saved and will continue to reside within OnBase. 

Decommissioning will be most effective if accomplished with the least investment of resources in the shortest of time. Therefore, data access formats will be kept minimal in an effort to remove redundant or customized formats. Expectations that there will be comparable functions for those that existed in the legacy environment may not be the case. This may mean that accessing archival data may take more time and/or will be less convenient.

Please keep me in mind that the following systems and applications will not be replaced post-mainframe decommissioning:

  • Culprit Reporting
  • DHRS
  • DMAS
  • Financial Systems (FRS, Sponsored A/P and A/R, etc.)
  • Microstrategy – Data Warehouse

UMIT is looking forward to working with its University partners on the decommissioning of the mainframe while setting clear expectations regarding the project's timeline, scope, and outcomes.

If you have any questions, please contact the mainframe decommissioning team at: mainframe.decommission@miami.edu. For technical support, contact the UMIT Service Desk at: (305) 284-6565 or help@miami.edu.

Thank you.