Mainframe Decommissioning

Important Announcement:

Access to the legacy mainframe system will be deactivated on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

For questions regarding historical data access and/or any other concerns, please contact the mainframe decommissioning team at:

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Project Overview:

When the University of Miami embarked on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project in 2011, a long-term plan was put in place to implement new comprehensive cloud-based applications for student information (CaneLink/Campus Solutions in 2013), human capital management (Workday HR and Payroll in 2015), and finance data (Workday Finance in 2017). The plan also included a commitment to close down the legacy applications these ERP applications were replacing and to decommission the IBM mainframe overall. The cost of operating the IBM mainframe is considerable at more than $1.5M per year; in turn, the commitment to decommission the mainframe was made in efforts to close down a legacy environment that operates solely for the purpose of accessing historical information.

The Challenge:

The mainframe is a proprietary environment, and the applications written for the mainframe will not run on our Linux and Windows systems. Therefore, the mainframe applications cannot be saved to run elsewhere and they will be permanently decommissioning. Please keep in mind that the historial data will be saved, although the means to view that data will be limited. 

The Results:

Although the functionality of the new ERP applications has replaced legacy mainframe applications, the historical data stored on the mainframe has continued value. In some instances, this data was migrated to the ERP applications; but in other cases, the data was not migrated. It is the responsibility of the mainframe decommissioning process to save that historical data. This historical data will be archived and made available through formatted reports. Legacy applications like DMAS, DHRS, UMAPPS, and PIDMS will not be available and no equivalent substitute will be provided for these access tools. It has been decided by University leadership that investing additional resources in developing solutions for archival data is not as prudent as investing resources in innovative technologies. (Please review the "A Message About the Project" page for more information.)

Keeping You Informed:

Our goal is to provide detailed information on the process of mainframe decommissioning, so the University community can ready itself for the post-decommissioning period. Proper preparation on everyone's part will make this transition as seamless as possible.

Have Questions?:

Please contact the mainframe decommissioning team at: For technical support, contact the UMIT Service Desk at: (305) 284-6565 or