Computer Lifecycle Management Program

At the University of Miami, the Computer Lifecycle Management Program (CLMP) is responsible for the management of the asset lifecycle for full time eligible employees and general purpose labs. Working with eligible departments throughout the Coral Gables and RSMAS campuses, the CLMP provides a service to replace the primary assets of eligible employees and those assets found in general purpose labs that are older than four (4) years of age. Using up-to-date inventories for your departments eligible employees and their assets, the CLMP will work with your data custodian(s) to order, replace and retire assets in the University system. The CLMP's mission is to ensure that the assets used by the U's employees and students meet the technology needs of both today and the future.

CLMP Guidelines

CLMP Request Form

  • The CLMP Request Form can be used for two situations: either when a net new employee is hired, or when a current employee's asset needs to be replaced. This form should be filled out for any CLMP request. A net new employee is defined as an employee that is filling a newly created, full-time position in an eligible department at the University of Miami. If an employee is back filling an existing position that was recently vacated, that employee is expected to be assigned the position's existing asset. For more information, please see the CLMP Guidelines (above).

Standard Bundles

  • The Standard Bundles available through the CLMP include a Dell Laptop, a Microsoft Surface Pro, and an Apple Laptop configuration. The cost of each of the bundles is covered completely by the CLMP.

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