Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP includes PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CaneLink) as well as the Workday HCM (HR/Payroll) and Finance applications. Each section of the ERP has a dedicated team responsible for architecture, development, testing, and support in production. The PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and Workday HCM applications are currently in production. Workday Finance is in process. Phase 1 will go live September 2017 and Phase 2 (hospitals) will go live June 2018.

Each ERP team is responsible for implementing and maintaining solutions, which:

  • Ensure the integrity of mission critical student, human resource, and financial data
  • Ensure the delivery of reports important to stakeholders across the institution
  • Ensure business processes supporting the applications are streamlined and include sound internal controls; Ensure business processes are consistent with “best practices”
  • Ensure integrations to and from these systems are robust and appropriate
  • Ensure the use of self service is optimized in a secure and easy to use environment
  • This unit also provides mandatory and regulatory support for legacy applications during the transition to the new suite of enterprise solutions