About RDS

Report Distribution System (RDS) software is manufactured by Rogers Software Development (RSD) in Geneva. RSD solutions are used in more than 1,200 installations worldwide, including a majority of the Fortune 500.  Today they supports over 2 million users, and offers its innovative products and services in more than 26 countries around the globe.

With the implementation of Report Distribution System in 1998, the University of Miami has achieved significant savings such as:

  • Reduced paper costs
  • Reduced courier and delivery costs
  • Reduced report printing on the mainframe
  • Reduced off-site storage and retrieval costs
  • Increase availability and delivery of reports to over 3,000 users
  • Eliminated retail color printing
  • Eliminated Microfiche printing and maintenance


Number of Users: 3,375
Number of Reports Set Up: 6,371
Number of FR90 Users: 1,710
Number of Reports Online: 40,457,688