Mobile Device PIN

Eligible: Faculty & Staff

Availability: 24/7

Support: 24/7

AKAs: Mobile PIN, Personal Identification Number, PIN


A Personal Identification Number (PIN) on any mobile device(s) used to access any UM application, such as email, with sensitive data is mandatory for all University faculty and staff. Having a PIN creates added security and encryption on your mobile device(s). In addition to enforcing the PIN, UMIT has enabled the following three security settings: 

  • Auto-lock: If you do not have auto-lock configured already, a five-minute idle auto-lock value will be set (e.g., after five minutes of inactivity, you will be required to re-enter your PIN).
  • Tamper wipe: If someone enters a PIN incorrectly 10 times in a row, the data will be wiped, erasing all data, videos, pictures, etc. from the device.
  • Remote wipe: If the device is lost or stolen, please immediately contact UM Information Technology (UMIT) who will remotely wipe the device. When a remote wipe takes place, all data, videos, pictures, etc. are erased from the device.


  • No costs are charged for this service. 

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  • If you are new to the University or have recently upgraded your device(s) and require assistance in creating a PIN, please click here for step-by-step instructions. As a reminder, do not share your PIN with anyone or write it down where it can be easily found. If you already have a PIN on your device(s), no further action is required.