Desktop Support Services - Faculty and Staff

Eligible: Faculty & Staff

AKAs: Central Server Services, Computer Support - Faculty & Staff


The UMIT Desktop Support Services team provides technical assistance for all computer related issues. The team is comprised of staff with diverse skillset and expert working knowledge on many topics relating to client configuration and management.

How Quickly Will Someone Respond?

The Desktop Support Services team adheres to Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which dictate response and resolution times for incidents. Each incident is assigned a priority when it is assigned to the team. Priority is determined by a combination of impact (how many people are affected) and urgency (extent to which work is affected). The majority of incidents created for the Desktop Support Services team fall into a priority 2 or 3. Typically priority 1 incidents are reserved for widespread system outages.

Below is a SLA priority scale along with response and completion times for each:

Priority 1 < 30 minute response < 42 hour completion
Priority 2 < 4 hour response < 72 hour completion
Priority 3 < 24 hour response < 10 day completion
Priority 4 < 96 hour response < 30 day completion


  • Required: Faculty and Staff only.


  • UMIT Desktop Support Services:
    • Harware Support for Client Devices: Provide multi-tier hardware support for Dell and Apple branded computers attaching to the University of Miami’s network for all staff, faculty and students.  On staff technicians are Dell certified and able to perform troubleshooting as well as order and replace parts without having to depend on a 3rd party to perform the work. Additionally, troubleshooting for peripherals attached to the computer is provided.  These include keyboards, mice, monitors, printers and scanners.
    • Imaging of Desktop Devices: All computers connecting to the University of Miami’s network need to have standard programs installed and security settings configured.  This includes supported versions of the operating system, University-licensed software and security settings that allow for proper functionality.  This standard configuration is provided in the form of a software image, which is developed and installed by desktop technicians.  Software images apply to both desktop computers and laptops and are used to perform backup and restores of data during a computer replacement or as part of the troubleshooting process.
    • Deployment and Replacement of Desktop Devices: As computers age, they will need to be replaced with newer devices that allow for University employees to perform their daily work.  Desktop Support Services will install and configure replacement devices adhering to UMIT standards as well as industry best practices.  This includes the physical installation, as well as transferring data from the aged device to the new one.
    • Domain Access for Central Management: All centrally managed computers will be joined to the CGCENT domain, which allows for computer settings to be deployed and modified via Group Policies. The policies allow for management of power settings, screen savers, browser options, etc. without the need to visit each computer individually.  Additionally, Microsoft frequently releases critical updates as well as security patches required for functionality of the Windows operating system.  Domain access provides the ability to have Microsoft SCCM install these updates via the University’s network.
    • Software Installation and Updates: New software releases required for continued functionality and compliance will also benefit from this technology. Software can be delivered to the desktops via SCCM in a similar fashion as security updates.
    • Configuration of Mobile Devices: Mobile devices that are to be used for business purposes will be connected to the University wireless network.  These devices will be configured with University issued e-mail accounts and set to synchronize e-mail messages, calendar appointments and University and personal contacts.

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  • For Desktop Support Services, please contact the UMIT Service Desk at (305) 284-6565 or