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The Faculty Senate is the vehicl

The Faculty Senate is the vehicle by which the Faculty is authorized to share in planning and governance of the university. Through its committees and as a deliberative and legislative body, the Senate plays an important role in dealing with academic policies, new program and degree approvals, compensation and the annual budgets, reviews of chairs and deans, and countless other matters of collegial concern and interest.

It is also the vehicle for hearing faculty grievances regarding rank, salary and conditions of employment, as well as appeals on tenure decisions.   Senate meetings are held monthly during the academic year.  Senators  are elected from each school for three year terms and Senate officers are elected annually.  The new Senate officers are Richard L. Williamson, Chair; Rene Sacasas, First Vice Chair; and Richard Lee, Second Vice Chair. Robyn Hardeman is Secretary of the Faculty Senate; Isabel Alvarez is the Administrative Assistant, and Hailey Smith Evans is the Secretary. 

Phone: 305-284-3721

Fax: 305-284-5515

Email address: facsen@miami.edu

Inter-office address: 325 Ashe Administration Building, Locator: 4634

Physical location: 1252 Memorial Drive, 325 Ashe Administration Building, Coral Gables, Florida  33124

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 All full-time faculty members are eligible to join this listserv for news and discussion of matters of general university importance.  Send subscription requests from your University e-mail address (only!) to FacultyListAdministrator@miami.edu.

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