IT Student Support Services

All services offered by the Student Technology Help Desk are FREE for currently enrolled students

  • Apple Boot Camp - installation of Windows 7 operating system on a Mac
  • Data Recovery - attempt to recover data from a damaged or non-functional computer For PC's
  • Data Transfer - transfer of data from one storage medium to another storage medium
  • Dell Warranty Repair - repair or replacement of Dell hardware and parts on in-warranty systems
  • Faxing Services - free faxing services for the University community
  • Gaming Console Configuration - assistance with configuration of gaming consoles to the University's network
  • Malware and Virus Removal - scanning and removal of viruses and malware from computer for improved performance and security
  • McAfee Antivirus Installation - installation of McAfee Antivirus software to protect from virus and malware
  • Microsoft Office Installation - installation and basic troubleshooting of the Microsoft Office suite for both Windows and Mac
  • OS Installation (Windows) - installation or reinstallation of University supported Windows operating systems (some restrictions apply)
  • OS Installation (Mac) - installation or reinstallation of University Supported OS X operating systems (some restrictions apply)
  • Network Configuration - configuration of the WirelessCanes, SecureCanes (wireless) and CaneNet (wired) networks on devices
  • Nursing Checklist - configuration of computer to meet the testing requirements for the School of Nursing
  • Office 365 Configuration - configuration of computers, tablets, and smartphones for Office 365
  • UPrint Driver Installation - configure computers to print with the University's printing system
  • Unlock CaneID - capable of unlocking CaneID accounts

    Additional Services Provided

  • Adobe Reader Installation
  • Adobe Flash Installation
  • Basic Driver Troubleshooting
  • Basic Network Troubleshooting
  • Enable Windows Updates
  • General Troubleshooting
  • Reactivation of MAC Address
  • Peer to Peer Software Removal
  • Windows Activation